VA Minimum Property Condition Requirements

VA Minimum property requirements are often misunderstood. I hear a lot of misconceptions on VA loans and this is probably one of the most misunderstood.

Here is what the VA says about Minimum Property Condition Requirements

There are 4 main things the appraiser must validate:

  1. Safe, structurally sound, and sanitary
  2. Meets local standards
  3. Functional mechanical systems
  4. Reasonable future utility, durability, economic life VA Minimum Property requirements

Here are the actual VA Minimum Property Requirements coppied and pasted from the VA guidelines:

  1. Property must have adequate living space.
  2. Mechanical systems must be usable and safe.
  3. Heating must be adequate.
  4. Water availability.
  5. Roofing must be adequate.
  6. Basements and crawl spaces must be problem-free.
  7. Property must have access.
  8. No health/safety hazards.
  9. No defective construction.
  10. Termites.
  11. Lead-based paint

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