VA Loan closing cost

Understanding what is included in your closing cost

In this not so short video I dive in an explain every detail with transparency all the cost that are associated with buying a home. Here are some commonly charged fees that you need to be aware of and understand why you are paying them.

  •  Lender Fees
    • Processing fees
    • Underwriting Fees
    • Origination fees
    • Discount points
  • 3rd party loan fees
    • appraisal
    • credit report
    • tax transcripts
  • Title company fees
    • Owners title insurance
    • Lenders title insurance
    • Closing protection letter
    • Title examination fee
  • Government recording fees
    • Transfer fees
    • Mortgage recording fees
    • State tax stamp/warranty deed fees
  • Additional fees
    • Termite
    • HOA transfer fees
  • Pre-paid fees
    • Interest for remainder of month you close
    • 1st year homeowners insurance
    • Funding fees/up front MI fees
  • Escrow account
    • Insurance - typically 2 months
    • Taxes for the remainder of the year

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